Carpet Protectant Does it Actually Work?

How Often Should You Add Carpet Protectant?

Does Carpet Protectant Actually Work?

There are numerous steps you can take to help extend the life span and appearance of your carpets and rugs.  By far the most important thing you need to do in order to maintain your carpet is to apply a carpet protectant.  In case you have ever wondered if carpet protectant is actually effective, the answer is absolutely yes.  Carpet protectant will help to repel water and resist soiling.  When applied correctly, adding carpet protectant to your valuable carpets the next time you have them professionally cleaned delivers some great benefits.

Why Carpet Protectant?

The purpose of a carpet protectant is to provide short term liquid resistance, allowing you additional time to completely clean up a spillage. When applied to the carpet fibers, these protectants can help to repel spillages and unnecessary soiling. Essentially, it will act as an invisible protective covering for your carpeting. It offers people more time to completely clean up a spill before it creates a permanent stain.  This invisible protective barrier also allows for dry spills to be picked up with less effort through vacuum cleaning.  Consequently, this can help to eliminate abrasion on the carpeting, which is a major cause for carpet deterioration.

Additionally, it gives you long term benefits at the same time due to the fact it helps to keep dirt and grime from permanently settling into your carpet.  Carpet protectants certainly do not act as a cure-all, however they do allow additional time to clean wet spillages and also assist in vacuuming up dry dirt.

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How Frequently Is It Best To Add Carpet Protectant?

For the most part, brand new carpets come with some type of  pre applied protectant on it; therefore, there is no need to treat a brand new carpet for the initial 4-5 years.  From then on, it is strongly recommended that carpet protectant be applied to your carpeting every 18-24 months. Even though the product does not necessarily stop working, it does have a tendency to wear away over time.  Areas of the home with high traffic will have to be treated more often, while low traffic areas should require less frequent treatment.

Where Is It Recommended To Get Carpet Protectant?

While there are numerous kinds of carpet protectants available, it is advisable to leave this routine maintenance up to a carpet cleaning professionals.  A well trained experienced, professional will ensure your carpet is correctly treated and protected.  Carpeting is a costly investment in your home. Keep your carpets looking their best through regular and proper maintenance, this will help to prolong the appearance and longevity of your carpet.

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