The Holiday Party Cleaning Checklist from Chem Dry

Further cementing its position as the category leader, a new study found that Chem-Dry, the world’s leading carpet upholstery cleaning service, significantly reduces the amount of common indoor allergens and bacteria in the home

a picture of a Christmas tree on a clean carpet

Cleaning Checklist Infographic

The secret to a clean home is a good plan along with a regular cleaning schedule. At times, especially around the Christmas season, even the best plans can go off course. With the arrival of guests, gift-giving and holiday meals our day-to-day routines might need to be tweaked to ensure we enjoy the season as much as possible.

Is it your turn to host the big holiday event this year? Whether it’s Christmas dinner for all your family and friends or a Christmas Party for co-workers you know that a clean home is your first priority. Staying focused on the out-of-the-ordinary details of creating a successful event can be complicated enough all by itself.

Your to-do list will grow quickly. How do you pre-arrange things like when to schedule a professional carpet cleaner or preparing rooms for overnight guests? Take a deep breath and know that we have you covered. We’ve put together this helpful infographic that highlights a few simple strategies you can use in your Christmas party preparations. This helpful guide can help you pull off a great event and, more importantly, ensure you enjoy the Christmas holidays with family and friends.

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chem dry carpet cleaning Infographic

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